The Helmet

The helmet is specially designed to protect your skull and face from any shock and to prevent skull fracture or skin abrasions. Helmet wear is mandatory in France and we will always provide a helmet to our passengers. We have different sizes available which can be specified at the time of reservation.

The Gloves

In France, for the passenger, only the wear of a helmet is mandatory. However, out of concern for your safety and wellbeing, we will also ask you to wear protective gloves in order to protect all exposed body parts. The gloves will protect you from the cold or heat, possible road projectiles (gravel, dirt,rain) and in the worst scenario, skin abrasions. Gloves are one size fits all.

The Jacket

The jacket will protect you from bad weather conditions and, in the worst scenario, will protect you from shocks and skin abrasions. The jacket provided by Moto Taxi Sophia has special elbow and shoulder paddings and will thus protect you not only against bad weather, but also any road projectiles, shocks or falls.