Private car or motorbike, same competitive rates!

There will never be any bad surprise with our rates which are based on distance traveled and always confirmed in advance. Markups apply for waiting time (i.e. round trips), after hours and on Sundays and Holidays. Rate packages are also negociable.

Nice- Cannes- Vence- Grasse and Surrounding Areas
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Other and More Remote Destinations :
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Additional Rate Increases :
Waiting Time: 10€ each additional 15 minutes
Sundays and Holidays : + 20%, 48 hours Advance Reservations Required.

Evening rate after 8pm: +20%

Negociable rate discounts are available through subscription packages and will be quoted upon request.

We accept payment by Cash. Personal checks accepted with prior agreement and with two valid photo identifications (French ID Card, passport, Driver’s License)